Sunday, 24 September 2017

Week 10 - Term 3

Culture Festival Week!!

The last week of Term 3 is going to be celebrated with our Culture Festival! Children all across the school in many different groups have been working hard to show of their talents. 

Important information for the week - 

Tuesday - Run through in the hall for all performers
Wednesday - Full dress rehearsal; all non-performers make up the audience for this
Thursday - Matinee performance at 1 pm and evening performance at 6.30pm

Tickets: are $2/person/seat and are available in the library Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or until sold out. 

On the night

Year 2 performers (that's us) go to B1 at 6pm

Please deliver your performer to the classroom no later than 6 pm. They may bring snacks and something to occupy themselves with, if they wish (no devices).
However, there will be movies on and drawing things in the rooms.

After the Year 2 performance, students will be escorted to L Block to join their Peaches and Pickles Groups

Drama: L3

Hip Hop: L2
Junior Choir L5

What to wear...
Year 2 item - Some children will be wearing a costume from the Sunflower show. These children know who they are. All other children need to wear plain bright coloured clothes please.

Peaches & Pickles Items - Hopefully you should have received an email from Peaches and Pickles regarding outfits for each group. Please let me know if you haven't and I will forward on to you. Children will be able to get changed in their holding room after they have performed their first item. Please make sure everything is clearly named - name and classroom. 

Please bring these outfits to school tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday at the latest. 

Feel free to get in touch with me if you're unsure of anything - 


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Week 8 - Term 3

Check out our Motat photos here. We had such a fabulous time there. We were very lucky that the rain held off for most parts of the day. Thank you again to our parent helpers and to all children in A2 for such a tremendous day. Wasn't life so different 100 years ago!

This week is Te Reo Māori Language Week. We are learning to use more Māori kupu (words) and phrases like - He aha tenei? (What is this?)
Our Big Book story this week is called Tamure and the Taniwha. 

There are lots of Māori myths and legend stories availble on Youtube. Check out the link below to view the stores. 

Word Word & Handwriting 

Our sounds this week to learn are the long o (oa, oe, ow, o-e, o) and long u (ue, u-e, ew) 

For handwriting this week we are practising the formation of the letters l, t, i, j. 


Our writing is integrated with our Big Book - focusing on how a narrative has a Problem and Solution.
Remember to come check out the fantastic Grandma McGarvey writing. 

This week for maths we are using skip counting, repeated addition and our times tables for problem solving.

Have a lovely week A2 whanau

Miss M :) 

Monday, 4 September 2017

Week 7 Term 3

Motat Trip
On Wednesday we head off to Motat to learn about how life and houses have changed in Auckland. This ties into our 'Movement' inquiry for the term.
Please make sure your child has
- A packed lunch
- A drink bottle
-Full school uniform - including shoes
- A rain coat or jumper

Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who offered to help out on the trip. Unfortunately we couldn't take everyone.

This week we are focus on forming our lowercase letters - r, n, m, h, k

Word work 
We are focusing on the /ow/ (wow) /ou/ (house) sounds and /oy/ (toy) /oi/ (coin) sounds.

A2 are really into McGarvey books at the moment. We are in the middle of publishing some fantastic writing retelling the story Grandma McGarvey Goes to Sea.

From next week A2 and B1 will be buddying up to use the bikes. It would be great if we had some children bring their own bikes to school on Mondays so there's enough bikes for all.

Have a lovely week, 
Miss M 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Week 4 Term 3

Well done to everyone in A2 and across Year 2 who took part in the Production. The show was absolutely incredible. I'm very proud of everyone for their great success.
I hope all of our A2 family and friends enjoyed the show. 

Children in O1 were so amazed by and wanted to tell us what they enjoyed.

Congratulations Year 2.
It was brilliant - the actors, the band, choir and narrators. How long did it take to get all the acting, costumes and talking right? All the costumes like the cows, bees, bulls, butterflies and the sunflower all looked real. I liked when Mr Cronin looked like a cow!

Dear Year 2’s,
Congratulations! I loved it. I really liked the singing but I liked it all. Good work.

I liked it best when all the cows and the bulls danced to the music.

Congratulations year 2’s.
Guess what my favourite part was? My favourite part was when the bulls came on stage and the background music.

Great job Year 2’s. Who would think a bunch of 6 year olds could pull off such a good show!

Congratulations year twos for achieving. You’re cool. You are really brave year 2’s.

Daisy, I thought you were a good actor because you are an amazing cow. You were black and white.
I liked the lovely sun flower with green leaves too.

Dear Year 2’s
Congratulations for achieving a big goal and for stepping up and acting and singing and all the other stuff.

To Year 2 girls and boys and teachers, that was so so good. My favourite performance ever bro.
To year 2 - that show was great. My favourite part was when you sang ‘Good morning’.

This week is Maths Week!! We are taking part in the Survivor Series daily problem solving tasks (so we can find the treasure on Friday) and will also be putting our estimation skills to work. Whoever has the right (or closest to) daily estimate gets to go in the whole school draw to win a neat prize. Ask your child about their clues they have so far or the estimate they made. 

In maths this week we will also be looking at multiplication and will be linking this what we already know. For example, 3x5 can be solved by skip counting  5,10, 15 or by repeating addition 5+5+5. 


This term we are focusing on narrative writing. We will be looking at what authors include in their stories (characters, setting, problem & solution) and zoom in on each area. This week we are focusing on describing characters physical appearance & character traits in our writing. 


We are linking our reading with our writing focus by identifying the characters, setting, problem and solution in our readers. Ask your child about the story elements in their book. 


Our Inquiry focus for the term is Movement. We are looking at why people move and how, what houses looked like in the past, now and around the world. This week, we're looking into our own movement - who has moved house, towns or country and what our houses look like, how old they might be and what they're made of. 


- Whole school cross country training - Monday & Wednesday (weather permitting) 
- Library day is on Wednesday 
- Full school assembly on Friday at 2.20pm
- Check in meetings next week on Tuesday. See below reminders about the meetings- 
  • These meetings are to discuss any concerns or questions about the mid-year reports that went out last term or about how your child is going this term. If you do not feel you need to discuss this, you do not need to book a meeting - they are not compulsory :)
  • These meetings are for you and your child to attend together. 
  • These meetings are 12mins each.
  • If you have more than one child please don’t book back-to-back meeting times but allow yourself time between meetings. 
  • Interviews can be booked on this link 
    Password: nymrf 
  • The meetings are on 22nd August, and school finishes at 12:30 to allow these meetings to happen. 

Have a lovely week everyone
Miss M :) 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Week 2 Term 3


Only 1 more week until the big show! Shows times are Tuesday 9th August at 1.45pm- 2.30pm and Wednesday 10th August 9.45am-10.30am.
Well done to all of the Year 2 children for their hard work they have been putting into our practices. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be practising with our costumes/outfits on.

Cross Country 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will be practising for cross country. Please make sure your child has running clothes on these days (shoes are optional). Junior cross country will be held on Thursday 24th August. A notice and the sponsorship booklet should have come home last week. There are lots of neat prizes up for grabs to those who raise funds. 

Maths, reading and writing will continue to happen slightly different this week and early next while we are rehearsing our production. 


  • Cross country clothes to be brought to school every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Last chance to return any sold or unsold raffle tickets. The draw is being held on Friday afternoon at assembly
Have a great week :)

Miss M 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Week 1 Term 3

Welcome to Term 3 

This week production practice will be taking place Mon-Thurs for a big chunk of each day. It is important that we use this time while we lead up to the big performance on Wednesday and Thursday of Week 3.

Costume List

Band - black clothes i.e. black shorts / leggings and a black t-shirt (plain / no logos).
Choir - plain, brightly coloured clothes (no logos or patterns)
Narrator - smart clothes / party clothes
Autumn Leaf Dancer – black leggings and a plain autumn coloured t-shirt
Market Seller – plain shorts / leggings / trousers and plain t-shirt (no patterns)
Actors- costumes will be provided

*Please could your child bring in their costumes as soon as possible and in a named bag. We are planning to have our costume call next Tuesday (week 2).

HELP!! – if anyone has any autumn coloured plain t-shirts, black leggings, black t-shirts that they would be willing to lend us, then that would be fab!! If you could put your child’s name in anything lent that would be great.

Maths, reading and writing will be happening slightly different this week and next while we are rehearsing our production.

-Library day is on Wednesday, please bring back any unreturned books from Term 2
-Sell your raffle tickets please or bring back any unsold tickets so other children can sell them

Have a great week
Miss M

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Week 8 - Term 2


This week we are not reading a big book, instead we are looking at a collection of Matariki stories. Matariki is the the Māori New Year and it is marked with the rising of the star cluster Matariki/Pleiades. There are many different myths about how the stars appeared in the sky. One of them being about how Tawhirimatea (the Wind God) became angry and threw his eyes into the sky. 

Word Work

For Word Work we are focusing on the long i sound - 'ie' pie, 'igh' light and i-e bike. We will be working more with alkonin sound boxes to find out how many sounds words have. 

A1 and A2 asked the children what they would like to investigate further - coke and mentos explosion was a popular choice. We wondered what would happen if we changed coke to lemonade and mint mentos to fruit mentos. It definitely didn't explode like coke and mint mentos. 
Next was slime - we are trying different types of glue to see which makes the best slime! Oobleck was another top choice that we would like to look into further. 

Our writing this week will be around our inquiry experiences and Matariki. We have been learning to using sequencing words (first, next, then, last) and include more WOW words in our writing. Keep your eye out on our blog as some children may publish their writing onto this page! 

Production Update!!! 

As you know, the Year 2 children are busy practising for our upcoming production 'There's a Sunflower In My Supper'. We had initially planned to perform the show in the last week of this term but to allow the children to reach their full potential we have changed the dates. The new dates for the shows will be Week 3, Term 3 - Wednesday 9th August at 1.45pm and Thursday 10th August at 9.45am.  
We are also on the hunt for any type of bugs/mini beasts costumes. If you have one that we could borrow please send it to school (clearly named so it comes back to the right owner). Please note that the costume may not be worn by your child as all children have a different role in the show. 

Have a fabulous week!

Miss M :)